Sunday, May 06, 2007


Benjamin says the oddest things. It is cute of course. When we went to the grocery the other day he was so excited about everything he saw. I hardly ever take him with so you would think we were in an amusement park. He was singing with gusto and announcing everything that might be great to buy and then he said......"don't forget the beer". I don't think anyone heard him. What a hoot. A budding Lutheran.

Then a few minutes ago he was arguing with someone and he said......"I'm going to tell Pastor Stuckwisch on you!!!!" Interesting.......seriously I have never heard anyone even imply that they would tell Pastor anything like that!!! So where does he get this stuff anyway?

Benjamin is also a little sneak. He can be found raiding the refridgerator with great skill. One time he had poured himself a bowl of granola and had opened a container of cottage cheese (he thought it was yogart) and was preparing a little feast. We must not feed him enough.

He feels when I leave to go somewhere it is movie time. I think he was hoping I would go somewhere yesterday as he asked if he could watch a movie while I was gone. I wasn't going anywhere.

That's all the cuteness for the day.


Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

This is very encouraging. I'll have to keep an eye on Benjamin, and encourage him toward the Office of the Ministry, too. In a few years, of course. When he's old enough to drink the beer!

If he tries to tattle to his pastor about someone else, though, I'll remind him of my standing rule: no confessing other people's sins; stick to confessing your own.

Sounds like he enjoyed going to the grocery store with you, as much as he would have enjoyed any movie. It is kind of funny, the sort of logic that little children figure out for themselves; esp. at Benjamin's age and thereabouts. Oh, for the whole word to be so straightforward, black and white!

You really have such cool children!

Favorite Apron said...

I am picturing a little Pastor. S. on your shoulder Karin - just like a conscience.