Thursday, May 31, 2007

Martin's Bday

Today Martin is nine years old. His middle name is Philip which was my dad's idea. Martin Luther, Philip Melancthon (spelling?). There are also a great grandpa of mine named Martin. Nine years ago Martin was born on Pentacost. He came sunny side up (ouch) and it took three kids later for me to get over the fear of child birth. Screaming is another form of pushing is the line I came up with after that experience. Anyway, he has a souvenir from his coming into the world. He formed a hematoma on the back of his head as his head never turned like it is supposed to when he was born. The bump later calcified and if you feel his head it is still there. It has grown with his head and is not quite so obvious but I always said that I should foot the bill if he goes bald and needs cosmetic surgery. Listening to the doctor is a good idea you gals.

Martin's grandparents were in a tornado the day he was born as well. THey lived in the hills of Pennsylvania where you least expect a tornado. It is also recommended that if a tornado alarm goes off that you should seek shelter. God loves my in-laws also (of course) and after they were trapped on the third floor in their apartment they stood in the corner by the door and a piece of sheet metal flew in the window. A floor lamp blocked it from hitting them. It was miraculous to me that couches and such things were destroyed but their china cabinet and the shelves that held family pictures etc were unscathed. Anyway, they waited till evening to call us and let us know and the bonus was that Martin had his grandparents living with us and helping out for a few weeks. THey were homeless for several months and bumped between kids till they could move back in. So.......Martin was nicknamed 'tornado baby'. Anna later took note that his initials are MPH - miles per hour. This is somewhat appropriate.

Martin is a sweet heart. He is my cuddly boy and his big smile and brown eyes have already attracted many a girl to hang on him. Hmmm........he even had a set of twins dragging him around at a very young age. He has his grandma Martinson wrapped around his finger and she is convinced that he is the poorest of things. There are benefits to this thinking you know.

He takes his first communion this evening so today is a big day for him. See Pastor's blog for more info on this one. He is very excited about this and I am amazed that my nine year old son has a better grasp on the preciousness of the sacrament than most people I know. I think he will have a great bday. He is my cute boy.

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