Saturday, June 02, 2007

Stefan loves the pool

We have done something very 'un-Hornerish' and became members of a local pool. It was sort of my idea as many a summer has passed and summer is translated to the kids as another word for work. This particular summer we have kids going hither and yon and I wanted something near by that the kids who were left would really enjoy, remember and still benefit from. Thus a pool membership.

Stefan has not had to have any spa baths this week and his skin looks great. He remains sock free despite a little head digging every once in awhile when frustrated. He is adorable tooling around the pool with me or any other child who takes him for awhile. His little blue eyes peak our from under his 'Matthew hat' (Matthew used to have security hat and wouldn't go to sleep without it) and he looks around him very intently. HE seems to do that anyway. He is also not very Hornerish in that he is the first Horner baby not to adhere himself to his parents head when going near a pool. He absolutely loves being in the water. It is nice for me as well and who could beat the excuse of 'well honey, Stefan hasn't been to the pool today - gotta run'.

He comes home very hungry and eats a load of oatmeal and fruit. This has created a new problem of waking in the night to do his business........Mom needs a nap!

We are going back to the pool hopefully this afternoon with my mom to celebrate Martin's bday with the grandparents. Stefan is cheering.

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