Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bad Grammar/Spelling

There is a house for sale south of us which is a for sale by owner. Since we have friends looking for a house I picked up the little flier they had beside their sign. I am thinking that the parents told their kids to write up the ad but who knows. I also considered they may be homeschoolers who dared to let their kids write up the ad and are planning to give the kids a cut of the sale of the property. Anyway, after reading the ad I suggested to my friends that they offer 200 dollars as they might not notice where the decimal point was.

Here is the ad. I will try to type this the way it appears:

House for sale on 60110 Myrtle Rd.
5 1\2 Acers Half very nice woods with tralls and lots of deer turkeys lots of wild life
Other half all beautiful landscaped two pounds with koe
Fire pit. One pole barn one phony shad
three smaller shads
Apple pear and grape vines
Beautiful Large front room
Large Family room with fire place
Nice big kitchen and dinning room
New carpeting
With wood burner
Appliance can stay
Landry room with big front loader washer & dryer new.
Can stay
Six bedrooms two very large ones
Two bath One master bath
Built in porch
THis house stays cool in the summer it part under ground
This a very nice home 200,000.00 - OBO

(It does look nice but wow, what an ad!)

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