Thursday, June 28, 2007


Funny story:

I met a mom and her girls at the pool this afternoon and we were having the usual mom talk about kids, their behavior etc. Well, I was musing on a Loopers post to another mom and the Looper mom had made a comment that she had 8 sinners in her house or 8 more sinners in her house than this other mom. I thought that was sort of amusing. Well, Regina didn’t hear the word sinner and thought I had said sitters. So she said……”we don’t have any of those at our house.” I looked at her a little oddly and the conversation proceeded for awhile and she continued to say “We won’t have any of those (sinners/sitters) for awhile. I was sort of wondering to myself if I had missed the boat somewhere – we are Lutheran aren’t we? Had I missed the theological boat again????? Then it dawned on me that she thought I said ‘sitters’. We had a good laugh over that. Thought you all would be amused as well.

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