Monday, June 11, 2007

Cleaning the garage

Today is clean the garage day. Scary....... The carrot of going to the pool is still there for the afternoon but it should be interesting to see if we can make it through the sea of junk without killing each other. We'll have to put on the Taliban song so that we focus on why killing each other is not recommended. The little kiddos are not charmed by working today and I am once again sleep deprived. Stefan has a little gizmo/detector thing that makes him clue into the fact that his mother is thinking about sleeping. Hmmm.........actually he seems to be having some difficulty adjusting to digesting his love of oatmeal. I think I may try to soak the oatmeal longer before I feed it to him today to see if that helps his digestion. He has been basically happy otherwise and I am trying not to be cranky. Perhaps I should go hunt a piece of chocolate.

Anna is at the Sem at the organ workshop. I am excited for her and her friends who are going as well. She was nervous that she was somehow not worthy of such a week but I see it as a week of exploring the possibilities for her future. I assured her that I didn't care if she went, had a great time, learned a lot and then still decided not to study the organ in college. I don't want her to feel trapped one way or the other. I think she understood. She seemed very excited to leave when I said good-bye to her yesterday. It was one of those good-byes that I had to remind her that the mommy wanted a hug even if she thought it was no big deal for her to leave for a week.

Back to the garage project......


Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

I think that Mommies and Daddies tend to need more hugs from their children as they get older (as the children get older, that is, not the parents).

Perhaps it is the case that we store up hugs with our children when they are little, and then receive them back when they are big. Sounds like a good investment to me.

More hugs, less killing; er, make that no killing.

Karin said...

Ok, ok - you know what a violent crew we are. The garage is now cleaner.......everyone is alive.

Yes, mommies and daddies need more hugs from the older kids. I think they get better at disappearing and pretending they don't need them as well.

Sloppy Classical said...

Our biggest boy sort of "graduated" to coming up and giving me a nice "back scratch" when he knew I needed it. Sometimes hugs take a different form-especially from big kids.