Thursday, June 07, 2007

Eliminating stuff

Today Anna and I finally got to the container nightmare from the storage area. We eliminated 11 steralite containers during this ream out. Wow. Ok, everyone, we have enough boy clothes to outfit an army of boys. How many worn out sweat pants can one family hoard???!!!!! THen there are the cute outfits that would never stay on my boys tiny toddler hineys (spelling?) so seminary families look out - there are some cute suits coming your way. I am also struck by how many teeny tiny pairs of underwear that we hoarded. Duh, Karin, no child of yours would ever be potty trained at the age those would fit anyway! Not even Stefan! Perhaps those pairs should have jumped in the trash. Car polishers. So, the kids are dreaming of going to the pool now and it is hot and very windy. We drink a ton of water, go outside and then we are thirsty again.

Perhaps next week we will get to the girl clothes.

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