Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More Stefan news

I took Stefan for a weigh in this morning and for once I got to leave with a smile on my face. He has gained a pound and a half since May 25th. I thought he had been getting a little heavier. He still resists anything that tastes like formula but between the pool and Benadryl he seems to have gained an appetite. So in a little over two weeks he is catching up to where he is supposed to be. That is stress relief.

Today was full of work. THe boys helped with the landscaping this morning till noonish. We didn't manage to get there until close to nine o'clock. I was happy to get some sleep and I figured it wouldn't make a whole lot of difference if they were a little late. The little kids and I went to the grocery (oh, the biggest kid too) and discovered that milk was cheap and the limit was 6 ! There's a switch. THe limit is normally 2 and then you get scowled at if you have your kid buy two. I objected to that as I am sure the parents of two leave the store without feeling like they are committing a crime for providing milk for the kids to drink.

THe afternoon was about stuffing our faces, doing chores and getting ready for church. I took the little kids to the pool so Stefan could have a soak. It was a little cold but we had fun anyway. Benjamin made a friend.

Charley went to pick up the Grobeins at the airport after church. It will be nice to have them back. I am sure they are glad to be home. They have the smiliest faces and brighten our day. They inspired the phrase of the month here. Regina is always telling her family members she loves them so I figure we could all practice saying that as neither parent is very good at that. It has helped! THanks Regina! I thought of the phrase of the month because of the verse of week. There is always a verse of the week at church. It occurred to me that there is much that we are not accustomed to saying to each other in this family like 'I love you'. Other months we may pick something like 'thank you for helping me' or 'good job' or something. These phrases just don't flow naturally for us so I figured if we practiced it would be MORE natural. I think I thought of all this after the sermon two weeks ago about how the yuckiest words flow from the same mouth that receives the Lord's supper. Yikes. I know that is true daily - sadly.

I mowed two fields this evening. The pigs seemed happy to see me. They are pretty cute even though they do smell. In the other field a barn swallow chased me around catching bugs as I mowed. That is so cool. Having this beautiful creature swooping around me makes mowing all the more fun. I think I am almost caught up. The turkeys are already huge. It is definately summer.

Stefan is out for the night so I think I will hit the hay.


Nat said...

That is great news about Stefan, Mrs. Horner. I hope he continues to do well.

Anita said...

Oh I'm so glad the summer air, exercise and benadryl are helping:)

Sorry I missed you guys last Sunday but I will be there this week.

It never ceases to amaze me how kind, charitable and forgiving we can be to complete strangers yet our most precious loved ones get our full wrath;) That sermon really caused me to pause and think too, and that's quite a feat since most days I'm lucky if I get to really hear any of it. Smiley must have been there that week, LOL.