Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Spacing off during Catachesis....

Yes, this happens from time to time. It occurred to me (during one of the readings) that two years ago we would take an hour a day and clean one room thoroughly. So.......that is what we are doing to recover the house. I am not going to try to fix everything in one day and given a week or two I may stop pulling my hair out. What an improvement! My kids do know how to clean given the time and a challenge.

The kids are downstairs finishing up and the goo goo is maybe thinking about a nap. He needs a trip to the pool but I think the high for today is going to be 70 degrees. Benjamin's shirt is still inside out and backwards. Erik and Martin are perfecting the fine art of bickering. Cecilia is hiding and coloring (smart girl). Someone just made mention of breaking the 5th commandment (shocking we are). I just saved his life (opps I revealed it was a boy who was in danger of losing his life).

So, on to math and maybe mowing the lawn. Oh, happy day.

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