Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy birthday Mom

Friday was my mom's 70th bday. Since we were in Wisconsin we celebrated on Saturday with a picnic at our house. I am hoping to get a picture of the family on here so we will see how that goes.

The things I remember most about mom which are also my favorite things. She fostered a love of reading in me. Growing up if she wasn't talking to friends on the phone she READ! She doesn't read so much now but I do remember she had a voracious appetite for books. So.....I thought that would be a good idea for me as well. Thanks mom. I'm trying to pass on the gift.

My mom is a GREAT cook! I can't say that I am necessarily as good but the only meal I can remember not liking growing up was liver and onions. They gave us a few token pieces of bacon with this meal. My brother and I were sure glad of that as we would usually wait until my parents gave up on us and then Steve and I would slink to the trash can with our yucky liver. I think they knew....... Anyway, we never ate anything that was processed and pre-prepared so I guess I passed the food snobbery on to my kids as they don't eat those things either. Meat, potatoes, and veges with a nice little salad on the side. She cooked most of the time and my most visual memory was of her ability to cook a great steak. I am not sure how they pulled off getting steak for us back then on a humble income but hey, THAT was my favorite meal. Steak, baked potatoes and some fresh veges - yay! I cooked a little bit as a teenager to give mom a breather or just because she asked me so my learning to cook was driven by a desire to continue to have great food. Real food is cheaper anyway. OOOoooOOOO, chicken noodle soup, ham and bean soup.....goulash.....pepperkoker (sp?) cookies......soft molasses cookies......lamb chops on a rare chowder......sigh.
Another favorite memory was trips to Maine. We had a great summer on Little Sebego Lake in a cottage they rented. We went fishing and raced mussels in the sand and of course went swimming. I think I remember the most of that trip. THere is nothing more romantic for a little kid than getting to sleep in a bunk bed and digging holes to China in the sand. I also remember dad helping us learn to clean fish - yum. Lobster......raw oysters, sword fish, steamed clams (yes mom, I like them again), fresh blue gill (no we didn't catch these we bought everything but the blue gills). I loved going to the beach, collected stinky shells to drag home, swimming in the ocean, and walking and walking on the rocks with my brother. I also loved going to Old Port and going on the Ferry through Casco Bay as a family. Grandma and Grandpa were of course a whole different blog post and great memories too. "Can you wistle my son said the Comyonmon Son (spelling mom?)" Oh, oh......I almost forgot all the treats of Almado's (spelling) sub sandwiches - mom you lived a great childhood I am certain!!!!!!!!! Thanks mom for those great trips to Maine.
My mom also played French Horn which she still does. She plays for church now. She didn't while we were growing up but she still could if she tried. It was fun to help her get a new horn a few years back.
Ok mom, here is another favorite memory.....sitting beside you at church at Augsburg as a very small child and listening to you sing. That was one of those times when we actually sat still, you held me and I listened. THAT is a great memory. I also remember another church memory of purposely writing in the hymnal and I suddenly was departing from the church - thanks for sticking to your guns there mom.
These are just a few of my favorite mom memories from growing up. She is now a great friend, confidant, genorous person to many, knitter of many mittens etc, and loved by seven little and big grandkids. Happy Birthday mom. Hope you had a great day.

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Favorite Apron said...

What a great picture, Karin. Wow - you look like your mother. She's very pretty. Love Charlie's t-shirt. Your boy scout has really grown, and the newest baby looks just like the rest of them!
I was so glad I got to see Anna at the organist workshop.