Friday, June 15, 2007

Losing sight of summer goals

I was hoping my kids could keep up with math this summer but am wondering if we will be able to get back to math before August. Perhaps next week a few of the kids could spend a week in math. Summer camps and family trips are in full swing and between recovering from one week and preparing for another, it seems we keep up with the lawn, the dishes, the laundry, the chores and that is about it. Yes, we run to the pool every day or so but I think I would go crazy if we only worked. Stefan's skin seems completely better with just a little head itchiness and a little eczema or heat rash behind his little legs. He is even starting to look a little chubby again. Yay!

Anna comes home this evening. It will be nice to have her home. I think she had a great time. I will be glad to have the chance to really talk to her. I talked to her briefly this afternoon. It was somewhat stressed as a turkey decided to kick the bucket right before she called. Chaos always seems to break out when investigating the untimely death of farm animals.

I think I have summer depression as well. How is it that a person can get depressed in the summer???!!!! I look forward to summer when we aren't doing school but then I think recovering from juggling Stefan all spring with his health issues put me so far behind that it is hard to keep slow and steady wins the race in perspective. I am greedy and want it all done now and by gosh by golly why don't the rest of you want house beautiful too!!! I am neglecting my friends somewhat for the clean house prize. Sorry about that folks. I am neglecting the all wonderful blog too. Getting rid of stuff is fun though and I can't believe how much stupid stuff we have. I sifted through the game cabinet and the books this morning and got rid of a ton of books and games. Anybody want some never cracked books on being a super wife/mother? How about a few on overcoming anger etc? There are a few fix the husband books too. Then there are the host of religious books people gave us because we are so religious and of course we might want them. Ugh. Why can't I fling immediately. Someone keeps reminding us of being finite and I have kept all these books that NO ONE in my family will ever read.

I have also thought to myself that I should just "BE POSITIVE!" Wouldn't I feel better if I could just be positive? Then I am not great at that. Sometimes I think other people think I am not too positive or perhaps I am depressing to be around. Is it when my eyes glaze over when I can't explain to them why I can't do something or handle anything else? I just can't explain the need to set boundaries because perhaps few people know what boundaries are? I am not ALWAYS good at setting boundaries either but I do know that when I limit the running around I am happier and so are my kids. Oh yeh, the cute husband is cuter too when I don't run around. I went to the bulk food store the other day to limit my running around going to the store picking up small amounts of things and even that was overwhelming.

Uh oh. I feel the sensation of needing to go get rid of more stuff coming on. Will I be able to go do it? Or will I have to go feed my family. Hmmmm.....feed my family.......get rid of stuff......which should I do?

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Sloppy Classical said...

Feeding the family sure can get rid of a lot of "stuff" in the cupboards and fridge. Oh, but wait, that leads to more running around-in the garden and to the grocery store! Never mind. Can't win! How's that for being positive?