Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Juggling life in the summer

I feel sort of Romans 7 this morning although I don't think the way I feel is what that chapter is getting at.

There are many things that need my attention but I don't give them my attention. My goo goo baby needs my attention and he gets my attention. The stuff that needs my attention besides goo goo goes out of control. My other kids could use my attention and they don't get my attention. I want to pay attention to them but the stuff that is spiriling out of control makes me not be able to focus on anything.

The list is huge. Do some math every day. Finish going through all the containers of clothes for which there are too many clothes and GIVE THEM AWAY. The dust bunnies and spider doo doo on the ceiling need to leave - NOW. The bugs in the light fixtures that everyone notices also need to make an Exodus. Should Exodus be capitalized.....hmmmm......

12 miles of lawn need to be mowed. Dear hubby figured out that with the walk behind (which I do love by the way) I have to walk 12 miles to complete the lawn once. Lawn mowing keeps me out of the white suit and it is also my post pregnancy weight loss system. It is getting TOO HIGH!

So I could go on with this list but it may freak you all out and have the people in the white coats show up to pick me up. My four year old just breezed through with his shirt on backward and inside out.

Time to go try hard to get something done........

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