Sunday, June 24, 2007

What's new

I haven't posted in awhile. We went to CCA last week and loved it. The Rhein's, the Kavorous's, the Kavorous's (spelling) (Naomi and Saranita), and Horner's piled into our van and went. Oh, Benjamin was with us for about an hour before we dumped him off at Grandma's and left to battle Chicago.

My favorite part of CCA was perhaps unusual for most. It was at the second Divine Service when Pastor Bender came to direct the choir. Wow. I had a bird's eye view from the back of the church and I was so struck by a man with such passion for the church and his passion for music. I can't exactly explain what I mean but the gift to minister was screamingly obvious and it was not a 'show' of musical talent but a true contribution to the service. I especially loved the time he was trying to get one section to sing louder and the look on his face hearkened me back to my times in symphony with great directors. What fun. It did give me the brief temptation to dump my kids and daycare and run back to the symphony. I told Charley that and he said "OK dear whatever you say". That would of course be contradicting my previous post so we won't go there.

I will have to make other posts of other things that are new......

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