Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sewing depression

I don't know why anyone sews. This is America for pete's sake and you would think these people would want to flatter the vain public called America. They sell patterns for people who are crazy enough to sew clothes for themselves and read the measurements and you come out a size 20!!!!!!!! I know, I know. It is just a number but good gravy! That is not my normal clothes size so what lady would want to tote home a size 20 pattern so they could feel good about themselves. Sewing is so cerebral (sarcasm) that we need to have women buying patterns and feeling like cows. I hope I don't look half as fat as I feel right now. How is that for negative thinking and depression???????

I told Anna to have A LOT of fun now and she should. Turning 40 and having 7 kidlets is VERY humbling. Karin the ex-runner/athlete who can't shake the weight.

Script for dear husbands "Honey, you look beautiful no matter what. Pay no attention to that silly number, that can't be true!"


Presbytera said...

This is motivation enough for me to only sew one size fits all patterns!

Karin said...

We could have a one size fits all Moomapalooza (or however you spell that). Sigh - it was discouraging.

Sandra said...

You are SO not a size 20!!! And look at what good shape you're in!

Size and age are relative anyway.

One reason I love the Women's Service League at church is that it's the one place left where everybody thinks I'm so young. :-) You should've seen the looks on my children's faces when I came home from the meeting one day and told them that I was the youngest person there. By 20 years.

Karin said...

Thanks Sandy, you're sweet. So when are these meetings? ;o) I could use a pick-me-up.