Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Three posts in a day

Yikes. This must be therapy. I got to part of the lawn, phew! I am not sure how many miles I walked but part of the lawn looks much better. I will probably feel dehydrated later which is not a good thing for Stefan but who knows, given a little blogging I will get refreshed. I think I tend to hit bottom and then the next day I am able to get a bunch done and feel much better. I gave the boys each a list after catching them watching a movie in the basement. I love lists but forget to make them. The kids can accomplish an absolute amazing amount of stuff given a list.

The chickaroos come this afternoon. The coup has been repaired and all is set up for the little chick/pigs to move in. Broilers must be related to pigs. I can't believe how fast they grow. THis also means that the fair is about 8 weeks away. There are so many things to do that thinking about them may make me hit bottom again so perhaps I will focus on whacking off what needs to be done today. What an idea.

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