Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm hyperactive

I accuse my dh of being hyper but I think we are a match made in heaven in this department. I am supposed to 'take it easy' for dear little Stefan and then......I visit my hoeing addiction in the vege garden and I find it hard to stop. Hoeing is great way to regain some resemblance of a youthful stomach ladies and it is far more fun than sit-ups - boring. Murder the weeds!!!! A great time to weed is when you have just told a child the same thing three times and still are greeted with a 'wwhhhattt??' I especially enjoy hoeing in the wee hours of the morning and at night. So I guess I hoe whenever I can get out there whether kids are acting crazy or not.

Yesterday storms were brewing and I tackled the nightmare room - our bedroom. Parent's rooms are dumping grounds for all things that seem important and in need of future filing. Stefan took a wonderful nap (might have been because of the late hours he keeps....) and I attacked the clutter. I reorganized the yarn stash, threw out a lot of paper stuff, and got rid of piles of dust. THere is still a lot more dust to conquer. How do we sleep in there???? So I was hyper and couldn't stop.

I don't know how to sit still especially in the summer. It is a good thing Stefan likes oatmeal. There's another blog post which I hope to get to.

My boys are having a very stupid fight downstairs. I noticed that the corn needs some hoeing......

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