Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dd happy and Dh shocked

My Anna girl finished another dress. She just needed to make the jacket for a dress she wore this summer but it has taken since some time in August to get to this project. She has been working VERY hard in school so she could squeek out some sewing time. There is another dress that is at least cut out that I would not be shocked if I heard the whir of the machine tomorrow after school.

My Dh is shocked. We have been looking for flooring for the garage project and yesterday I was adamantly opposed to anything dark. To me dark meant dark oak, boring flooring. I wanted something a little classier so was looking at some lighter shades of other species. happened. We rushed to Home Depot before Evening Prayer and Martin's Scout meeting, and I happened across a very nice display of a darker wood with much class! The price was great as well. We have not made our final decision but this wood is pretty dark. He said something about fainting or having heard me correctly as I rarely change my mind when my mind is made up. He is a very happy shocked husband. He is also drooling at my choice and contemplating replacing some worn out floors someday. We shall see if the budget allows.

Oh.....I have figured out a scheme to get Anna to dance at the retreat but will not reveal the scheme until after the weekend. It may not work and shyness may prevail. Sigh. I am certain she would have a good time but can't force her. At least I have tried.

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