Thursday, October 04, 2007

Keeping things in balance

If there were a way to know I was going to feel a little looney or overwhelmed then I would call in sick. Can you call in sick when you are homeschooling????? I am never 'sick' so the kids might tell their classmates or the rest of the staff that I was pulling a fast one. Sigh.

Felt more than a little looney today. I do think there is a direct relationship between Stefan being a crank and my being a crank. I suppose if the rest of the staff gave him a call and asked him how he was doing then they would know how I was doing. If he just screemed in the phone they would know it was a sick day and if he just breathed heavily in the phone and ate it then it would be safe to say we were going to have school.

Tomorrow is sort of short and Anna, Stefan and I are leaving for the weekend so I hope that all goes well and Stefan decides to be happy. I need to go pack.

Tomorrow is another day.......

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