Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I'm going to write a book

"The Power of Negative Thinking" by Karin Horner. Perhaps it will hit the New York Best Seller list and I can hire a nanny who knows everything about shaping children into obedient little cherubs and all will be well in the world. Seriously though, LaRena and I have been chatting about how to help our little kids and big kids get rid of negative thinking habits. Hmmm......their mom should be on this program as well. We both had teachers who made it a rule that you couldn't say can't, or yawn, or complain. Mine was my 8th grade English teacher who I think was named Mrs. Monroe. We have not figured out the consequences entirely but they will be along the lines of sweeping floors and washing dishes etc. Our homes should be spotless.

Anna made the observation this morning that the people who were 'worried' about me do sort of waste their energy as their concern perhaps turns to gossip and fun. Her other observation which makes perfect sense is "why would they think that I may have a day or a moment of public stress? Isn't that a little bit normal and not worth talking with everyone about? How do we handle a mom appearing or acting stress? Do we smile knowingly or decide that they must be in the depths of despair?"

Perhaps (these are my thoughts) the mom might have been trapped in a van with four little children suffering from whinitis (sin) and what the mom (sinner) is really wanting is a chocolate festival or some rum.

So.......our thoughts are turning to how to help our little cherubs (there are a few specific ones involved) to get rid of their negative thinking habits and learn how to say to themselves "I can do this". I remember my English teacher because this 'plan' did work and I did excell in her class. (I also remember a grammar discussion with her which I WAS WRONG AND COULDN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT). She influenced my thought process of being able to accomplish great things in school and I thank her. Perhaps I will give her credit in my upcoming bestseller.

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