Saturday, October 13, 2007

I just don't know

How do you teach kids to think critically anyway???? I am sure they have to live it, to think it but that of course means that for now I live it with them. We had the misfortune of an upright freezer being left slightly open. I think the stuff in the main freezer will be OK but the veges on the door are history. So how can we possibly help these kiddos times seven know about everything there is to think about.

I have been told they won't learn till they are on their own. I am sure a lot of that is true. I can't remember how careless I was as a kid. I know I was basically a slob but I don't remember too many other mishaps. Once I burned the family table with incense that I thought was cool. That was my big boo boo. Who knew it would keep burning into the table?????

Sigh. Nine people living together who are all related and don't even think a whole lot about being polite to one another (or least not VERY hard thinking) is a recipe for mishaps. I do get sort of tired of these mishaps but I am not tired of the mishappers. They sort of just half hear my endless instructions about moldy towels, stinky diapers that need taken out, dishes filling up the sink, shoes that have mud on them, doors that need to be shut, lights turned is sort of endless.

I was thinking about how someday I might live to have grandchildren and started looking at the space around here in terms of taking time out to enjoy them. There is that old saying about enjoying your grandkids more than your children. I am certain that does not seem fair but I think I am also certain that is the perk of being a grandparent. NO, I am not interested in being one soon but I haven't contemplated my home in those terms before. We are finishing a big room and it occurred to me that my own kids may not be the only ones I spend time with there. Weird thought.

Behind the slightly open freezer there is a lot of junk that needs to GO! Perhaps we need a vacation from school to do another house reaming. Ugh. Stuff is such a pain.

Tomorrow is another day.......

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