Wednesday, October 17, 2007

sifting through the junk

I think I have made a little bit of headway in the ongoing 'get rid of it' project. Ugh, ugh, ugh. I have progressed from seeing junk that needs attention, feeling overwhelmed, ignoring it to being able to attack some of it. We spent our summer packing and unpacking and trying to clean the garage. Well, that took all summer. What happens when you ignore the rest of the house for at least three months (oh, I forgot the eczema plague that took up a great part of May through August)? The dust bunnies creep in and take over along with the plethera of paper scraps everywhere and random stuff that is randomly dumped everywhere you look. I think that is ugh.

Now most dust bunnies have been attacked and a lot of the random stuff has been taken care of. It is amazing how much random stuff can be ignored by 9 people. I am less paralized than I was and I am beginning to see the forest through the trees. Some form of sanity is returning.....

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