Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mystery solved - Yay

So I chatted with one of the folks involved in the mystery and yes, I was stressed out at the time they had that conversation - July.......stress month. I still wish people would call me themselves as when I called them it was great to talk to them. Or.....I am just 'odd'. Oh.....that is negative I think. Or paranoid......

Another productive school day. I was tired of talking by the time we were done as in tired of words needing to come out of my mouth. Quiet time is always a nice thing. I went to get Stefan's baby pictures and I would say he is not the most photogenic child we have ever had. He is simply not interested in charming anyone who tells him what to do.

I need to haul the boys to Scouts here in a minute. I hope they have a fun evening goofing off with the boys. I am not sure what all goes on at those meetings. But at least they get some away time.

It is birthday month so I need to figure all that out. I have not a clue what little something I should get the boys. It can be tough. I do like to take them to lunch so will have to plan on that. I was invited to a church luncheon for my birthday so will have to talk to the school 'staff' to see if that would work.

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