Monday, October 01, 2007

Long day

Monday ends up being long. We have the problem that is sort of unique to large families of having both toddlers/babies on up to older teens. School went very well and our ongoing tweeking of the schedule seemed to help at least for today. Our evening is a bit muddled still though and I feel like trying to figure out the best plan for the good of all children involved is similar to a brain teaser that hurts. Just when we think we have a plan that will work we get confused or muddled by loud, bored kids. Sigh. We will figure it out.......

Tomorrow is a little less hectic with only Scouts at night. That involves just two of the boys. THe rest of us can stay home and do home stuff.

I have a few conversations lately that indicated that other people saw me and said I appeared stressed out. Hmmmm.......I wonder which of my kids yanked my chain that day??? And.....I best be careful to put up some blinders or something. These comments DO perplex me. There was another similar comment that I suppose was just concern but being the paranoid sort, I would love to know who 'these people' are who have talking to my good buds about me. Why don't they just call me themselves and ask how I am doing???? I suppose there were certainly times this summer that I was good and stressed. I am feeling far less stressed (especially since I won't be camping any time soon). Stefan seems to be doing great and nothing could make me happier. That pain is behind me or so it seems. When we were in the thick of it, it seemed to never end and we just sort of survived. Now we just figure out from day to day how to make every day normal life less stressful. sure is interesting.

So.....if anyone out in cyberland is worried about me do give me a call and I would be happy to bring you up to date. :o)


Anita said...

That's strange. I suppose when I see a stressed mom I just figure she's having one of those days or seasons;)
I think sometimes people feel like if you are already stressed out they don't want to stress you out further by asking you about it. I just don't think they stop to think that if you had someone to talk to about it it might help deflate the stress.

Karin said...

See latest post - figured it out. It sounded like this was a recent conversation so I was thinking....'oh great, I am getting or maintaining a stress woman reputation.....I love logical answers though. They brighten my day.

Anita said...