Thursday, October 11, 2007


We have been doing the usual things. School, church, time with friends, trying to keep our heads above water. Birthday season is here so we try to mix in celebrating with school. No spontaneity though or kids will get upset. Now if we can just remember that. Stop contemplating fun you teachers or you will be punished!

I did go to the Marshall, MI retreat this past week with Anna, Maggie and Nat. It was good. It was nice to be fed and taken care of too. The services were nice, the kids seemed to have a great time, and Anna did actually dance a little. Now to get her the promised pattern......bribery.

I went to my old church today for a luncheon thingy and had fun visiting with friends. An 80 something dear friend of ours tried to make me cry and did succeed. He is so sweet. Stefan enjoyed some pasta salad and Anna escaped to the organ for some practicing. She sounded great. I didn't realize how much of the Divine Service she had worked on. Cool.

Tomorrow is Matthew's birthday and we are going to Culver's and then to our favorite weird toy store to pick up an addition to Killer Bunnies. He is having his buddies over for a round or two of the game and root beer floats. I will try to write up my favorite Matthew random thoughts tomorrow.

Ta ta

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