Friday, October 12, 2007

Favorite Matthew quotes

Matthew is 12 years old today. It is his Golden Birthday. He figured out this morning that Martin could have kids who would have their Golden birthday before he did - his birthday is May the last. ;o)

Anyway, Matthew has great plans for Killer Bunnies and Root Beer Floats today. His middle name could be Enthusiasm as he has always been enthusiastic. That annoys his sister at times but really it is basically cute. When he was a baby he was known for his rather fat head and smiling all the time. He receives the happy Horner baby award. I distinctly remember him as a toddler sitting gazing at books a lot. He looked like a little professor with his legs crossed and very seriously contemplating his books. Cute.

As a five year old he thought he wanted to be an astronaut. Then about a year later he very seriously told me that he didn't want to be an astronaut anymore because that would mean he would not be able to be home with his wife very much. Awwwwww!!!!!!

Around age 8 or 9 (I can't remember) he decided he wanted to be either a doctor or a pastor. So one random day we were driving somewhere and he asked me very seriously if he were a pastor, did that mean he had to go to the cemetary? Being the naughty mommy that I am I told him, yes dear, at least once. Then being a nice mommy, I told him it was called seminary. Awwwwww!!!!!!!

Matthew is basically cute. He might scream at me for saying that but it is true. Most of the time he is cute. He makes random cute observations. He is a Nat, want to be, also. He sports a denim jacket, wants a driver's hat, and enjoys reading. He still crosses his legs while reading and is impossible to get up in the morning. That also may be like Nat but I will have to consult Nat's mother to see if that is true. Matthew has been known to be the little professor.

Oh, I remember one other funny. When we went to Sweden two years ago we had the opportunity to spend a layover in Paris so.........I drug the kids all over and we were able to go the Orsay. That was a big mommy thrill. Anyway, "Whistler's Mother" is at the Orsay and Matthew was famous at the time for his ability to do Mr. Bean. And.....if you have watched the movie "Bean" you would know that Mr. Bean has something to do with "Whistler's Mother". He did a great Mr. Bean impersonation right in front of the painting and several tourists were giggling at him. It was cute. I was laughing and the museum was about to close so my picture of this did not come out great but here it is......


Sandra said...

Nat is the easiest of all my children to get up in the morning. For whatever reason, the girls take after their dad, and the boy after his mom, in this regard.
Ah, dear Rob. I will admit that I was dumbfounded when we got married, as to why this person who was an adult didn't just get up when the alarm went off. This is the time you decided to get up. Why aren't you up? It made no sense.

Karin said...

chuckle, chuckle, chuckle. These guys are full of surprises aren't they? I doubt you are surprised anymore.

Karin said...

Hey Sandy, it occurs to me that you could tell Matthew that Nat gets up easily in the morning and if he wants to be a Nat want to be, he too should get up easily in the morning. Naughty aren't I?

Dat One Splatted Mag said...

And if he got up easier in the mornings, that would just be so cute! Don't tell him i said that.

Karin said...

Your secret is safe with me. Shhhh