Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Random noise

So, I need to go to my happy place more often. I think as a 'full time teacher' of various ages, I can get overwhelmed by noise at times. There seems to be a contagious effect to noise. One kid says some random thing and then another and then there could be random conversation between a few and finally I am wondering where a mute button is for all the sound effects. It does seem very difficult to stop once it starts.

Batman seems to have a pretty good effect on my little ones in math class. If Batman (stuffed batman toy of small boy) asks a small child a question who was not previously paying attention, then suddenly they are. This must be how puppet ministry was inspired but I will stick to ministering to their math needs. It is quite cute actually to see small boy start to answer Batman instead of me. You should try it sometime. He pops out from under the table and asks the question instead of me. It will be hard to give Batman back, smirk, smirk.

At the end of the school day today I realized why God invented tiredness in small they will take naps and will stop.....making......noise. I am most thankful.


Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

Another great post, Karin, and not a hint of negativity ;-)

You really do have a nice way with words, and a nice turn of phrase.

I love the Batman remarks. Thanks for sticking to math "ministry."

Karin said...

No problem but perhaps I should check my that negative?