Sunday, September 30, 2007

Visiting Grammie and Grandpa

We went to Minooka to visit Charley's parents today. It was good to see them. Charley's stomach was in need of food so we went right to the park for a picnic lunch. His mom was pretty cute when I told her that Charley was ready for lunch as she rushed his dad out to the car. She must know her son's stomach needs well.

After moving our picnic goods to the third table (it was sort of like the three bears) we settled on the just right table near a pavilion and the I&M canal. The first table was pelting us with walnuts, the second table was too hot and the third table was just right. We should have had Benjamin tell them the three bears story as he is pretty good at getting all the details.

Charley and his dad and several of the kids took a walk on the path by the canal. It was full of bikers. His mom caught sight of a three wheeler bicycle (large tricycle) and asked the lady some questions about it. She even took a little test ride. I think she would really like one so I may start searching the want ads for a used one. She was pretty cute then too. The owner of the bike asked her if she remembered how a tricycle worked w hen she was young. That makes a person stop and think doesn't it? I guess I do remember what it is like to ride a tricycle if I stop and imagine it. Anyway, she tried it and is still dreaming of having one. We shall see.....

Stefan is ready for bed so signing off.......will perhaps elaborate later.


Anan said...

You didn't say anything about going under Timothy road again! Of course I wasn't paying attention so I didn't *see* it but I know it was there. ;-p

Karin said...

Sorry........I don't think of such things when we are barrelling down the highway.......sometimes I am distracted by other things ;o)