Monday, September 03, 2007

School days seemed a little intense today but good. A few of the boys took a math placement test today and both did very well. They were both pleased with the results but of course it was fun to tease them and let them wonder for a little while.

Silly me took the kids swimming for a LONG time yesterday as the pool closed today. A few were overly tired and could have done better if they had slept till noon today. Everyone was scurried into bed as soon as possible. I am struggling a little to make the time to plan a little better but am hoping for catch up time tonight. Working with another family does keep us accountable and I do think the other mom is handling things better than me. I do wish Lloyd would go away so I can get some rest at night. He was busy again last night.

I am also struggling with how to manage an older child with accountability. I know what he needs to work on and how much time that should take but I don't think he is taking things seriously enough. It is sort of painful to watch. We are giving grades to the older set.....Sigh. I know I struggled with knowing how to study but not until college. No one ever taught me and high school was too simple.

The pool is now closed so it will be another nine months till I see their cute faces splashing around. Benjamin is particularly cute with this little routine he has of dipping his head under the water over and over again. Cecilia discovered the diving board at literally the last hour we were there. Now she will have to wait to build up the confidance to do that again next year.

The mosquitos are horrific outside. I am keeping the kids in most of the time. Bzzzzzzz.......close the door kids! Better go be responsible.

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