Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mouse hunt continues

Got the traps this morning. Charley and I were looking around the garage at 'the project' this evening when he mentioned he had spotted my friend. I hadn't set the traps yet so it inspired me to get them out. Isn't this exciting? When I am in the mouse hunter mood there is no stopping me. The little boogers do remind me of some movie or cartoon but I can't place it. It is not "Mouse Hunt" but some flick where the mouse moves quickly across the floor and they only show the top view. Whatever it is I am thinking of, they must have been familiar with mice.

I have two mom mouse memories. One was when I was about three and was eating my 'soggy' (see Melynda's blog) and a mouse darted behind the refridgerator. Mom was suddenly on the table. Another time was in Maine at my grandparents house. We slept in the basement and in the middle of the night a mouse ran across my poor mother's face. She screamed. I must have been less than ten years old. Mom and I moved to the couch upstairs for the remainder of the night and I don't think I slept too much knowing there was a critter that made my mom scream lurking in the basement. My grandma had a chronic cough too which I was not so keenly aware of till that night. Mum Mum (Grandpa) took care of the little critter the next day. What interesting memories we have.

We shall see if I get the little bugger tonight. Where there is one, there are more........

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