Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why we like Nick

Nick is the sort of boy who understands mommys and daddys. When small children are falling apart at the seams, he has this knowing look that I find quite comforting. Nick also has an uncanny ability to admit when he is clueless and not seem too bothered by it. He isn't clueless in all departments but when he is out of his league he is the first to admit it. Nice boy. He was the 'spare' kid on the trip. We were hoping someone would ask how many kids were in our families but it didn't happen. A family (understatement) from India was having some sort of gathering across the way from us. There was a sea of kids running everywhere so our little group looked.....little. There were 16 kids between our two groups and I guess we are the sedate variety when we aren't hiking so we weren't very impressive. And.....no one asked the lone kid how many kids were in his family. I am sure it was nice for Nick to be a guest too as the substitute mommy is less likely to be bothered by little habits etc. I was especially amused by the behind the trailer guy activities. They looked like miniature beer belly, chewing hillbillies without the beer and chaw.

So......in case you didn't know, Nick is a nice kid. Random post.

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