Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Getting ready for camping

I am taking the kiddos camping this weekend. My dh is staying home to work on the garage project. I personally am not a fan of getting ready for camping. It is WORK! (I know, I said we work when there is work to do but it doesn't mean I always have to love it). I have tried to parcel out the work over the days so the kids don't get gipped of school work (aren't I nice?). We are almost there but the day before is always the worst. I cannot depend on the baby being happy or that every kid has listened to the instructions I have given them. We have been on campouts with kids who brought someone else's clothes that didn't fit them or one pair of underwear etc. Oh, joy. Once my cot was left behind because I did not specify I wanted it. Ugh. Glad I brought the food along and no one specified they wanted it....... Anna must be counting down the days (years....) till she is not part of the get ready for camping ordeal. I am hoping someday she can just join us by packing her little bag and not going through the cooking/packing torture.

What I enjoy about camping is the yummy food that is already ready, hiking, talking with the young folks who are along for the trip, and visiting with the friends we go with. The camp counselor comes out in me but I don 't sing the 'spark' song or much of any songs really. I should decide if I am taking my hammer dulcimer or not. I probably should.

Well, Stefan is asleep so I should return to the job. I can't seem to type anyway so I should give up.

Side note.....Anna just came upstairs with the mail and there was a flier from the local Christian bookstore......they are selling pastor teddy bears now. What next?

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