Saturday, September 29, 2007


So.......I recently received an email from a dear friend of mine who I will try to conceal his identity (Duluth) as I wouldn't want to expose the innocent (Valpo grad) from any feeling of having gotten me good (Ft. Wayne Seminary). I had just posted about my delightful camping trip when this email comes through suggesting our families go camping together in late October. Since I can not detect smirking always in emails and they can not see the stunned look on the readers face when receiving such an email, I did not quite how to reply. Should I send a blunt email back with screams of terror in it? SHould I call him and cautiously approach the subject of my now disdain of camping???? What is a friend to do when caught in such a predicament? No, I took the chicken's road and had my dh give them a call to make sure that we could do something more exciting like.......have them to our house and drink wine in the evening and sleep in comfortable beds. That is when the truth came out. Said friend reads my blog (I forgot) and thought it would be cute to suggest a camping trip. So said friend (Stefan's godfather) now holds the proud honor of being perhaps the only person who has ever fooled me that well. I do hope our alternative plans work out friend!!!! That would be far more fun and we can set up a little pup tent in the back yard for you. Smirk, smirk.

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