Saturday, September 08, 2007

Washing floors and such

Today I am addicted to cleaning. It felt a little bit like swimming against the tide but some progress was made. Charley in the meantime made quite a bit of progress on the garagee (spelling?) (that is supposed to sound sophisticated by the way....). He got most of the floor insulated and laid. The outside side door has mysteriously disappeared and the basement door has also changed form. This will take some getting used to I think.

In my cleaning, I located Lloyd (or maybe it was Lola) and Matthew ceremoniously paraded him around for everyone to see. I am sure that was quite entertaining for him. I just freaked myself out by accidently rubbing my elbow against a piece of paper and thinking it was a mouse running around in the room. Sound does weird things when you are trying to be quiet.

None of us are going to Charley's parents tomorrow as they are afraid his dad will catch whatever Cecilia has and he is going to have surgery next weekend. I guess I can see that as getting his dad to do anything can certainly be a challenge, let alone surgery! Getting Charles Jr. to have surgery was a challenge as well so my heart goes out to Charles Sr's wife. I am sorry we won't get a chance to visit with him. He is 81 now which is hard to believe. Charley and I have older dad's than most but it is still hard to think they are in the 80 range. My dad will be 79!!!!!! Ahhhh!!!!! Oh well, that is just weird to me.

I am hoping to tackle some more sanatizing tomorrow and perhaps knitting a few rows if I can get myself to sit still. I think I sit enough during the week to account for some perpetual movement over the weekend. We can't go outside thanks to rain and mosquitos. It is another night so am hoping once again for uninterrupted sleep. Last night sleep was interrupted by my dear little daughter who, on top of feeling yucky, is afraid of the dark and the electicity was out so......her nightlight was not on. Poor kid. I camped in her bed for the rest of the night and the electricity must have come on around 7:00am.

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