Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We're Horners. We hike. That's what we do.

Well, we are back. The trip had it's ups and downs. Hiking was definately the highlight. I can totally relate to those people who hate camping though. Evening food prep, clean-up etc has to be done by someone and needless to say, marshmellows seem more appealing to a lot of the crowd. Then there is juggling the younger set tromping back and forth to the bathroom, dealing with the ever elusive toothbrushes, and putting the littlest squirt to bed.

Anna is intimidating for those who may not have already known that. I would say she needs to stay home from camping trips in the future to rest up but it is also true that she knows how to do just about anything. She commented to me that someone was quite surprised once that she knew what wolmanized (spelling?) lumber was. She can hitch a trailer, guide the vehicle to the trailer to be hitched, unhitch and secure a trailer, check the lights and anything else pertaining to trailers. I am truly impressed. She also can pack anything into anything. Clothes, dirty or clean, cooking equipment, miscalaneous camping junk, food, trailer spare tires, are no match for her. But.......she wishes someone else knew how to do these things. So.....next time we have a family trip I am sending her to a resort someplace to be pampered (resort? or the Stuckwisch's? Same difference).

We did have a good time all around and the getting stuck in the parking lot at the end of the trip scenario (see Anna's depressing blog) was a cheap excercise in team work. Some people pay money to learn team work at expensive conference centers. We on the other hand pull into skinny parking lots with a mom who just learned to back a trailer. Backing a trailer should be a part of Horner driver's ed.

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