Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Posting in the middle of the night

Never say that you don't do this anymore. Cecilia is coughing again and it is hot upstairs. I think this humidity is not helping her cold and the air conditioning does not get upstairs too well. So it not Lloyd and Lola who are keeping me up but wondering how to help her stop coughing. I turned the house fan on and gave her some Benadryl. Stefan of course woke up with me walking around so once he is back to bed I will probably want some Benadryl too.

School is still going well and I am figuring out what my students are struggling with. It is sort of interesting to have more time to devote to this, especially in Math as in the past Math boiled down to just doing the best we can and hope we were doing ok. Now I can see what each kid needs to work on to improve their math skills and make it a happier experience.

I am a little tired of humidity and mosquitos so colder weather is sounding sort of attractive to me. Of course then I will have to hunt down the winter clothes for the kids and start the clothing shuffle again.

Well, I think Stefan is back to sleep and Cecilia has stopped coughing.

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