Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Birthday month

October is birthday month around our house. It feels like every day there is something related to birthdays going on as we also have several close friends with birthdays around our family birthdays. I should have reminded my kiddos to call a fellow birthday boy today.....sorry....

Everyone has had nice birthday celebrations and times with friends so there is not complaints especially from the kids. I always enjoy taking the birthday celebrants out to lunch and have some one on one time with them. Matthew's godparents took him out for dinner where he discovered the joys of Logans. He was most impressed with the peanut shell throwing. He recommended his brother go there for his birthday.

I received a box full of cookies from our organist and......I have shared some and actually been disciplined in not hogging them. Only two today :o) I can't get away with too much indulging without tipping the scales the other direction.

My college roommate called on my birthday which was especially nice. I had failed to call her to tell her we were expecting and that we already had the baby. She laughed. I called her the next day on her birthday and had a longer, more informative conversation and caught up some more. Obviously our bdays are a day apart and we did well calling one another for a long time but kids and life have made calls fewer and farther between. The gift of a good friend is not holding that against you and picking right up where we left off. Thanks Elise!

Our desktop computer is apparently toast so will be checking in less frequently.....one more Horner bday to go!

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