Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A new sign of hard times

On the MSN news website today there was a headline saying something about how sales of baby formula was down and that this was a sign of hard times. The article went on to say that not only were people buying less formula but that another sign of hard times was that women were resorting to having to breastfeed their babies. WHAT! Now there is some horrifying news if I ever heard it. The comments with the article were quite funny as well. One woman pointed out that this 'horrifying' news was the best news she had heard in a long time. Shocking, women taking care of their babies and nursing them. The poor women.

Another bizarre article stated that less people were using credit cards and this must mean they had maxed out their cards. A reader pointed out that perhaps less people were using their credit cards as they were making a change in their spending and perhaps were using cash instead. Do people who write the news think about what they are writing? We too are trying to get out of the credit card habit. We started this habit when the kids were little and the fear of having our children stolen while paying for our gas at the station began. It was easier on a hot day to just handle it at the pump. We do pay it off every month but it is true that spending too much is MUCH easier with the card then with cash. So.....biting the bullet I hope to have us paying with cash for gas and groceries completely this month. Budgets just have to happen and we have been very much lazy in adhering to any sort of budget in the last five or so years. It just sneaks up and becomes a bad habit.

The news has been VERY interesting lately with this whole ongoing economy discussion. The kids are paying attention and they see the craziness of some of the 'news' on how to save money too. It seems to me if the news would not be SOOOO negative that the economy would not keep spiraling downwards.

So, good news folks, women are having to breastfeed their babies. Don't despair! There might be some better adjusted children and mothers on the horizon. No, do not take this as a judgement if you bottle fed your children (you too mom - I am mostly sane). I just find this 'news' amusing.

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