Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rain Gear and other stuff

Ok, I am done for now carrying on about Emmaus. I went with Anna to get her rain gear for her biking excursions. Yes, this is an investment but I am sure they will come in handy in Bloomington as well. It would not have occurred to me to get her shoe covers but it is true that her feet will get wet if it is raining outside. At least at the distances she is biking right now they surely would get wet. She has biked twice recently in the rain and didn't say anything to me about her feet getting wet but......they did. Shoes are expensive so to me it was worth the investment.

We dutifully planned the meals for this next week. It is possible we may not need any of those meals as there is a flu bug going around but I will cook ahead of the game so if I am not up to it there is something to eat. I forgot the Keilbasa.....opps. I guess I can use the deer baloney instead.

I haven't told dh but sometime in mid-December might be a good time to make a visit to PA. Yes, we would miss church at Emmaus...... I should look into hotel costs etc. It will take two rooms to cover us. My to do list is miles long.

We have caught up on the laundry and some mysteriously missing items have turned up as well. Charley's hilarious scrapbook is back. Now we can reread his farm poetry and boy scout scribe notes. We should do that every Christmas or something.

Anna picked up some McCain paper dolls for the fashion information. She is getting an education. We have decided to watch the movie I picked up about the electoral college tomorrow sometime so she can wow people with her vast knowledge of the process.

Well, I am now going to try to spend some time keeping my sanity. Calgon!!!! No comment from the Blogger. I plead the Fifth.

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