Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tribal Cookware

A woman at church made that phrase up in reference to preparing food for the pastor's family. I was thinking about this wonderful stuff, better known as cookware for a lot of people or what church basements have to prepare food for a lot of people. Preparing food for large families is quite intimidating for some people. The basic rule of thumb is to double the recipe enough to feed appoximately 12. This accounts for small people and pregnant or nursing mothers who tend to drool after larger quantities of food anyway. There are also the teenage sons who consume more than usual or lick the pot clean. The shorter folk usually do not eat as much so it all evens out. Yes, the dads have a tendancy to eat more but not always.

I have no idea why I am telling you all this. I was just upstairs looking at the mess in the kitchen and was pondering why we never have any clean surfaces and it occurred to me that it is because we cook with tribal cookware. It takes up more room on the counter than small pots and pans so naturally it shrinks any kitchen. If you have ever wondered what to give for Christmas to a large family, the gift might include tribal cookware. Pastors with large families and limited budgets always love tribal cookware or perhaps I am imagining this. I suspect the wife would appreciate it. My mom has provided a lot of my tribal cookware and my dh has kicked in a few key pieces but never for Christmas. The mom has given cookware for Christmas though. This stuff does tend to cost more and is harder to find so that makes it all the more appreciated. I know I have appreciated mine.

Hmmmm.......we have been cooking for around 25 people a week for at least one meal. This is sort of challenging to come up with easy recipes that satisfy a variety of tastes. So far this has worked pretty well and we will surely have to resort to repeats soon.

I am done ranting about cookware now and no.....I do not think I need more tribal cookware, I am just pondering it's usefulness. I have packed up my 'young couple' cookware in case some kid wants it some day. Maybe I'll need it again! Who knows.......then it is really 'young/old couple cookware'.

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