Saturday, October 11, 2008

How pathetic it really is

So we are having guests over....soon......not sure exactly when but anyway............I had some fantastic cookie bars at a friend's house the other day during a 'watch the debate' social event and I decided to make them for our guests. We are sickeningly organized this morning and the lunch is all prepared and I was mixing the cookies in the mixer. My dear little Cecilia said something to the effect of "Did Grandma Martinson make up those cookies?" So does that mean that only Grandma M makes cookies for her? Does it mean that she has never seen her mother do such a thing before (yes)? Erik was cackling in the other room. "Yes, mom, your making cookies is truly a shock." Smirk, smirk. Ok kids, I know that I never make desert, I buy it - ice cream. This revolutionary idea from my debate/church friends might see you eating more cookies. She said to just take the cookie recipe and put it in a bar pan instead of plopping them all out and making a mess. The mess is why I never make cookies. There is the bowl, the cookie sheets, the cookie drying stuff, the table covered with crumbs from the cooling......really, I think this is ridiculous. I am a roll maker.

This quote happened once before. Erik was around two years old and he had hit his head and had a pretty good cut. Thus started the mom debate as to whether I should take him for stitches. A friend of mine was a nurse so we hauled over to her house. She took sympathy on the poor little boy and offered him a frosted cookie. He just sat there on the counter and stared at it but didn't eat it. Yes, Erik. That is a cookie. I am sure you are not familiar with such things. The guilt, the guilt.......maybe as a grandma I will make cookies. My mom did make cookies when I was a kid.

The cookies will vanish in no time flat. I suppose that is another reason I do not make cookies. The whole family lacks the self discipline to restrain themselves from sneaking cookies. The mom included....... Cookie tins? Why bother? Hide the cookies from the kids and everyone else but there has to be someone who has such discipline to do this. Maybe Matthew.

I guess I should go make sure the cookies are still around. Heh, heh, heh.......

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