Friday, October 24, 2008

The Organist

No, not my daughter but THE organist at Emmaus. We are not only blessed with awesome pastors but with an awesome organist. She could be playing at another church as her ability is certainly worth more than we are capable of paying her. But despite a challenged budget, both hers and the church's, she perserveres as our main organist. I have been blessed my whole life with above average organists including Phil Ghering, Bill Beerman, Martin Gene, Rosemary Collingwood, and some others. THe above four have Masters and PHD's in organ. I have been to their concerts, had the pleasure of leadership in worship and had the delight of playing with them. What makes a quality organist is one who prepares and plays a wide variety of preludes and postludes that fit the season and the tone of the service. They utilize the instrumentalists they have on hand and work with choirs to be used at appropriate times during the service. They do not distract but enhance the Worship.

Our organist does not have either a Master's or PHD in Organ but frankly she has attained the same skills as those who do. No doubt the above organists have talent from their said degrees but (ok I will say her name) Sandy has seen and heard and strived to learn all that is needed to be an awesome organist. To me, an awesome organist is able to improvise and smoothly transition introductions, alternate settings to hymns, and make use of the instrument no matter what it is. She can do all of this. She has taken the time for further study which certainly has enhanced the services at Emmaus and her previous congregations.

Another reason I know she is a gem of an organist is that she has been a great teacher to my dd Anna for a LONG time. I believe Anna knows what she knows of the service as a result of Sandy's good training and insight. Thank you Sandy. Anna has been doing great this year and she has a lot to be thankful in a teacher like you. I appreciate your trust in our young daughter to serve the church in your absense. She is not where you are yet in ability but you have certainly set the stage in example and love for quality organ playing in the Worship setting.

Sandy also has very humbly taken on our church nursery during Bible Study and has been a huge blessing to the Moms who have not been able to attend Bible Study for years. Your service is truly appreciated Sandy and I am sorry I forgot to mention it in the what's great about Emmaus post. Thank you from this mom of little people.


organistsandra said...

Karin, thank you! wow, I'm sitting here blushing. How kind of you - especially right now when I'm practically on a sabbatical from Emmaus. As much as I'm loving my classes, I'm also really looking forward to being back at Emmaus with our normal routine. I miss our choirs and have a few ideas for them.

Thanks again. You've made my day!

Karin said...

No problem. You truly are a great organist and I appreciate that. Why not tell you??? :o) I may or may not see you tomorrow so if not, have a great week!