Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One day in the life

I really enjoyed reading Ivan D which sort of surprised me. I had been told it had bad language in it and that it was rather depressing. I don't know. (yes, it had bad language but it certainly was not of the Eddie Murphy frequency) I guess I found it encouraging that despite the horrible conditions of cold, pathetic nutrition, fear and hard labor that this man could adapt to these conditions and survive. He wasn't really whining but explaining life in a prison camp. Anna and I did sort of chuckle that life in Horner land can sometimes feel like a prison camp with endless work that needs to be done or is created. Our neighbor's, the kids adopted grandparents, have stated that if there was some sort of crisis that our kids would survive as they have certainly experienced hard work and it seems normal.

Thankfully our class discussion did help dear Anna and I evaluate that we are far from starving and that she won't be sentenced to ten more years for 'loafing'. She had stated that Horner kids get an automatic 18 upon birth. The kids did one time pour cement till one in the morning so the cement pouring part was near and dear to her heart (LOL) and also the pride Ivan took in his work. We could even name a boy Shuchov (spelling?) if there was another boy.

All laughing aside and yes, we most likely sound twisted, I suppose all our days are like Ivan's in that we have a choice to be whiners or learn to adapt to our circumstance and do what we are given to do. That too was discussed in class. Ivan and his comrades did what they were called to do and did receive 'daily bread' despite how disgusting it was. Their life was simple with little to take care of in the line of 'stuff' and they had a spirit of survival that we simply don't think much about. In a way I would love to reread this book if I had time. I am thankful I know where my next meal is coming from and I have the blessing of sitting in a chair taking care of the baby without fear of consequence.

On to the "Great Gatsby"

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