Monday, April 27, 2009

Biking and stuff

I am not sure what week I am up to now. Perhaps it is the sixth or seventh week. I finally extended my route when time permits which is a good thing and maybe dropped a few more pounds. With dh's recent spike in cholesterol I am looking for recipes that will help both of us in the same way but different ways. I am also looking into exercise that will strengthen my upper body. I feel like a total wimp.

The garden is slowly progressing. I have most of the onions in and the ones I planted almost a month ago look great. The potatoes should go in soon but the ground was too stinkin wet to get them in. I got some broccoli and and cabbage in too.

School is winding down but I still have a lot of reading to do and am convinced that between Ingrid and the reading, not to mention the laundry and everything else, that blogging has become a challenge.

Had way too much fun giggling last night over certain topics. Laughing sure does a body good.

Need to go rescue Ingrid from herself.


Glenda said...

What I've taken to do to increase upper body strength is push-ups. I force myself to do 5. They aren't perfect, but I try to do them as close to perfect as possible. It does get a bit easier, but now with a sore shoulder, I haven't done any for awhile.

Karin said...

Thank you for the suggestion! That is simple enough even for me to handle. Just got back from biking and am busy slouching with the nursing baby at the computer....:o)