Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Biking week 4 - in praise of toe clips

A quick update on progress. I can now do my whole route in the highest gear. This is progress. Dh also got me a pair of toe clips for the pedals which solved all my knee troubles. Yay! Thank you Charley. I now walk forward without hurting all the time and it only took one trip with the toe clips to solve the pain issue. Very strange. If biking ever hurt your knees before this was definitely the answer.

I currently have a flat tire so need to fix that little problem. I managed to get two walks in today and took Ingrid with on the one. She had fun pulling my hair and my friend's hair. It was quite fascinating to watch her stroke Cindy's hair and examine it as if she were plotting her next move.....pulling. She looked so delighted and triumphant then. Anyway, the walks were good and it is always nice to be able to talk to someone while walking. I still think that biking shaves off more inches on me at the moment.

Speaking of inches I decided to start measuring the difference instead of focusing on the pounds. I have lost quite a few inches actually so that is a good thing by itself.

Looking forward to biking again tomorrow even if I need to borrow someones bike to get it accomplished.

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