Thursday, April 02, 2009

Never ending noise

At the moment it is SILENT. I think I hear a few crickets (?really?) and maybe dd just walked by downstairs. The kids made NEVER ENDING NOISE today. Every time I began to say something someone else was talking or whining or making little two year old and seven month old noise. It did not stop all day. My dad comments on this while he is here visiting and I have to laugh as what does he expect from a family of ten??? I have heard that my kids are perhaps calmer than most but....truth be told they are very capable of being loud. I SOOO love the quiet of the evening and morning and need to laugh at myself as far as what am I expecting from a family of ten? Perhaps that is why I love biking and walking with friends so much . It is so not interrupted and nice and enjoyable. Laugh more Karin.

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