Friday, April 03, 2009

brrrr...cold but summer's work has begun

Last weekend the boys and their dad put on a new barn roof and today the boys are cleaning out the chicken coop. We got rid of 75 plus laying hens (which weren't laying much of anything) last fall. Well, we did not clean out the coop as there really wasn't an urgent need to. So, now we are back to urgent need as the coop is going to be used to house the pigs till the weather warms up a little. Erik, Martin, and Matthew have been hauling wheel barrow after wheel barrow of the dry dusty stuff out for most of the day. Fortunately it is lighter as it is a dry and fine dust now. I pictured this job taking all weekend but I think they will be able to knock it out today. I suppose they have only been at it for three to four hours now so it hasn't been all day but my hats off to them for doing this with little complaint. I need to go make them a nice big farmer boy type of meal and plan to do something fun with them this evening.

With the pigs coming we begin the daily feeding and watering routine. It is earlier this year than last but the fair is also earlier so we will be done earlier. We are not getting new laying hens as I really would like to be done feeding, watering, collecting and washing eggs. There are SO many other irons in the fire that we decided it wasn't worth it right now.

Our meat birds come next month and a package of bees comes in a matter of days. I need to go out and prepare for that this weekend as well.....summer is here. :o)

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