Thursday, April 02, 2009

Biking week 3

Tackling the hills has become MUCH easier and reminds me of my cross country days of the thrill of the challenge and being able to push myself to GET UP THE HILL FASTER!!!! Go Karin go! It was very tempting to go a little further this past week but I think I am still going to wait till next week. My thighs do still talk to me as I start each day and say "No Karin, please don't do this. Please just stay like a slug at home and read another book and feel tired." I am not listening so far. My knees are struggling a little still. They feel most bizarre when I am trying to walk fast as they did yesterday while walking with Sandy. It is a sensation of not being to put effort into moving forward quickly. They don't want to move like that without a little pain. Must work on that Comasabi (spelling?). I won't be able to chase my lawn mower if this keeps up.

I did go walking with Sandy yesterday and boy does that exercise other areas of the body. Ouch. It was a sad attempt at race walking and the knees not cooperating kept me back a little. I did not go biking as a result but will hit the road this morning.

I have not lost a whole lot of weight so far but there is a little progress. I decided to keep track of how far around I am as muscle does weigh more than fat so I suppose it will take awhile before I see a lot of difference. Sigh. I need to be happy with the progress I've made and be patient.



Susan said...

I don't think I've been out for the last two weeks. Lazy me! Gotta fix that.

My problem with the biking has been my tailbone. I have a fairly nice cushy bike seat, but it still hurts my butt so much to ride! And I agree with you about Sandy's race-walking. I try, but boy, do the front of my shins feel it when I go for a race-walk. Owie.

Karin said...

I don't seem to have the bike seat problem but have heard from others about that. You could just stand up all the time....:o)

organistsandra said...

Susan - I totally have the bike seat problem. Our plan: I'll push Karin in walking. She'll push me in biking. But first I need a bike repair. Argh. Bike maintenance is also a pain in the rear.

Susan said...

Yup. That's one of the things I really like about walking. No cost except shoes. No gym fees. No flat tires. No chlorine-eaten swimming suit falling apart. Granted, I enjoy the exercises beyond just walking. But walking doesn't take as much forethought or expense.

Bike maintenance may be a pain in the rear, but it doesn't make me sit ever-so-gingerly every time I need to be seated for dinner or in church or to do schoolwork with the kids. It's been two weeks since I was on that bike (wow, it got cold recently) and I still am trying to avoid the up-and-down. Get in a chair and keep myself there! I'm taking pity on my tailbone ... and the nerves to which it is attached. ;-)