Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Scheduling and getting stuff done

LaRena and I have decided on days to meet next year which is a good start to the planning ;o) Somehow I would love to keep the schedule so that there are several days of not needing to go anywhere all day. At least I don't want to leave before late afternoon. There seem to be endless appointments to fit in and breaking up the day seems to prevent anything from happening at home. Today I've been home all day and actually got a bunch of stuff done. I am certainly not caught up but am making some progress. I was going to go plant onions right now but it is raining again. I NEED to go biking so will look for a break in the clouds. Bills are paid, signed up for CCA (yay!), and spent school time with Benjamin. Phew. How can learning how to read be SOOO difficult.

I am amused by the Boy Scout Oath where it says the part about being Mentally Awake. Hmmmm.......some are. The poor little boys. My 10yo ds doesn't even know what mentally awake means so I don't think he was offended when I kept giggling at this part.

Off for a cup of yummy decaf with my eldest dd. Yum.

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