Thursday, April 30, 2009

I need to go to the bathroom

So chirps the six year old THREE times this afternoon during the dreaded run the road with the kids day. How can one little boy need to go to the bathroom that much???? I suppose the big drink he had while we were out didn't help anything. Fifteen passenger vans are nice but they could be bigger so that I could put even more space between me and the children who are having their latest crises. I look back in the van at the bathroom caller and he has a big cherub like look on his face and gives me the big emploring eye look as he pleads for me to find another bathroom. Enough about that.

I REALLY do not like shopping with short people. The two year old loves to buckle himself up in carts and then tell you he's stuck and ask to be unbuckled. So you unbuckle him and he then rebuckles and it starts all over again. Fifteen passenger vans are also the home of all problem solving for siblings. The siblings love to fix their siblings problems in the van. Direction and instruction is what all children need while driving around from place to place. I personally would vote for total silence myself.

I put on some cute CD for the smallest people and the older ones start mocking it, telling me how creepy Raffi is so I promptly ejected it and dropped it in the library drop. They were stunned but the timing was priceless. I just happened to be five blocks from the drop. I used to be able to play anything without any complaints or commentary but mostly cute singing or swaying or whatever. Those days are gone now. My youngest children will be deprived of such cuteness. They WILL know about the retro rock and roll and country that is played most of the time with some questionable lyrics. But Mother Goose???? Nah!

Now I have thrown in the towel, passed the plate and am ordering pizza for dinner. They cheerfully contributed so we could have two pizzas and I am soon off to go retrieve them. Thursdays have been long and painful. One more week to go and I am thankful I will be able to go to the Wednesday classes next year closer to home.


Susan said...

Y'know, Karin, my two eldest were playground aficionados. Any playground we passed had to be checked out, tested, and evaluated. (Woe be unto the parent who drove past an untried playground.) Kid #6, though, was a potty aficionado. It didn't matter if we stopped at 6 or 8 or 12 different points on our weekly errands; she had to go potty at every grocery store, Target, library, mechanic, book store, porta-potty, or whatever. Sounds like you might have one of those in the making.

Your big kids are giving you grief about Raffi? My big kids did the same thing. I LIKE Raffi myself, and the big kids poisoned the little kids' brains against him. And now Katie and Rachel are wanting to collect Raffi and Sharon, Lois, & Bram for their own kids.

TWO pizzas for dinner? You have more people in your family than I do. And I thought you guys had appetites like unto ours. Seems to me that two pizzas would barely make a snack. Last time we made pizza, I doubled the recipe so we had six 14" pizzas. Five of us ate them. There were a couple of pieces left over for Philip to use as part (not all -- PART) of his lunch the next day.

-- Oink oink oink from Wisconsin

Karin said...

Next time you are in town Susan we MUST get you some Brunos. We have left overs in the fridge. Very filling, sometimes greasy but still good, and everyone in town loves it.

I am going to start looking for all the strange stuff the 'old ones' listened to as young'ns and putting it in regularly. They have been very repentent this evening and told me Benjamin was singing one of the songs that got returned. We will try again. I know what I could do.....start stopping at playgrounds while the old ones are in the van. :o) Nice idea!

Amy said...

The buckling/unbuckling thing makes me insane. But it's good to know that it's not a mental imbalance with my particular child but with all toddlers.