Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Haven't been blogging lately....reading a lot though

I am not sure why I haven't been blogging although I understand I should be doing less blogging and more snide remarks on other people's blogs. Or is my daughter supposed to do that? I have been having to read a lot for the two classes I teach here at home. Boy have the last few been hum dingers (spelling?). "Cry the Beloved Country" was a great book. I was supposed to read that one in college but the professor kept falling asleep in class and didn't seem to grade our papers so.....I passed on reading it then. It certainly was both depressing and just full of realities of the consequence of sin in people's lives. Oh joy, but actually interesting. I enjoyed the writing style the most even though it was difficult at times to keep track of who was speaking. I most enjoyed talking with the young folks in my class and hearing their perspectives on the books we've read. It is interesting to me to hear their life experience or lack of life experience come through in discussions. I sort of wonder what it has been like for them to read hard truths of the world as we have been slowly working our way through the 20th century in literature. "Cry the Beloved" and the other book we just read "Black Like Me" were the most eye opening to me of the lack of life experience they've had but I suppose it is more sad that I did not find the books as shocking as they did. I was relieved the authors were not too explicit but simply got the point across as to the error of people's ways. Both books cover difficult subject matter but I have no doubt were good for the kids to process.

I think they have left those two books feeling very blessed in their life situations. They have loving parents, are well provided for, and their aspirations for the future seem pretty bright in comparison. The kids reading these are all boys so I also find it refreshing that they are all gentlemen who were properly offended by the offensive and were truly saddened that these sort of things take place in the world. They are looking forward to some lighter reading and the Hobbit is coming up. I will decide tomorrow if we are going to read the next one on the list. It frankly doesn't sound too's NOT 'The Hobbit'.

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